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security menu The Security menu provides access to windows that enable you to:

  • Maintain operator records for Patriot 6.

  • Set up and maintain Operator Security Groups

  • Change operator passwords. It is probably advisable to change passwords on a monthly basis for security reasons.

  • Change the login.

  • Specify automatic log out settings.

  • Set operator preferences.

Operators Menu
Operators Menu

Operators Window

Security Menu Item > Operators > Operators

The Operators window allows operator records to be maintained and updated.

Details displayed include:

Username - The name used to Login.

First/Last Name - the operator's name

Password - The password to be used at Login

Security Groups - Which level of access a particular operator has in the program. See Operator Security Groups

Adding a New Operator

add To add a new operator, click the Add button bottom left of the window. The new Operator area will appear to the right of the user list . Fill in the blank text boxes.

Adding a new operator
Adding a new operator

Boxes with and orange outline must be completed in order to continue.

Account Recovery Email: The email address to receive password reset code, which can be used for operators to reset their password.

To assign a security group to the new operator, click the Add button in the Grey Security Groups area. The security Groups pop up will appear. Double click a group from the list to add it to the Security Groups Area.

operator security group
operator security group

Assign security group to operator

Save Once the information has been entered, click the Save button bottom left of the window to add the new operator record to the system.


Only Administrator level operators have the right to reset other operator's passwords. Select the existing operator from the list of operators, and press the reset password button to allow you to enter in a new password for the operator.

Network Considerations

In a network environment operator details only need to be entered on one computer but can be viewed from any computer on the network, given the appropriate level of access.

Changing Operator Records

To modify an operator record, select the operator from the list by clicking with the mouse. Edit the operators details on the right and click the Save button.

Disabling an Operator

An operator can be disabled by clicking the "Disabled" checkbox.